What a Cyber Security Company in Mesa, AZ Can Do for You

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Outsourcing to a cyber security company can prove beneficial to small and large businesses alike. Since this is a resource-dependent area that is also quite vital, it can be difficult to handle these needs in-house. If you are considering outsourcing this essential service, here are the benefits we can offer you. You will likely find the assistance of a cyber security company in Mesa, AZ irreplaceable when handling the following issues:

  • Malware and ransomware removal: Malware includes intruders like worms, viruses, Trojan horses and spyware. It can slow down your systems and collect personal information on your customers. If you let it endure, your bottom line and your reputation could suffer. Ransomware is the latest in malware, and its insidious approach is to block access to your systems unless you pay money. Your IT department could be tied up removing these, or you can have a security specialist address them and resolve the matter quicker. These threats must be dealt with quickly, and our experts can neutralize them before they cause serious damage.
  • Vulnerability analysis: The best way to avoid a malware or ransomware attack is to stop it before it happens. When you call in a cyber security consultant, we can find the gaps in your network before any enterprising criminal takes advantage of them. Our approach may implement firewalls, install a better virus scanner or put in additional security features to keep employees off questionable websites. With our full attention on your security, we can find vulnerabilities and solutions that could be missed by your overworked IT department.
  • System restoration: Recovery can be difficult after some attacks. If the issue arose from a new type of malware, it can seem to take forever before your business returns to normal. Our experts are very skilled in these instances and can solve problems quickly. There will be less delay and you will return to your day-to-day operations before you know it.
  • Data security: Businesses are moving to the paperless office, which has definite advantages. While you may enjoy the lack of clutter and the ability to find items quickly, it also leaves your data vulnerable. Our consultants also design storage systems with the needed security protocols so only authorized individuals can access data. If we feel you are too lax on security, we will also point out those tendencies and help you find the best solutions. You do not need to leave your vital information vulnerable.
  • 24/7 monitoring: Keeping employees on-call is not always possible. When you outsource the monitoring, it is like having an expert available at all hours. If something seems out of sorts, we can address immediately, whether that occurs at 3:00pm or 3:00am. You will no longer have the bad surprise of showing up at the office one morning and discovering that your systems have been compromised.

Apogee Compliance Group Inc. is a cyber security company in Mesa, AZ. To learn about our services and how they can keep your networks safe and secure, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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