When Disaster Strikes: Data Recovery in Mesa, AZ Is Crucial for Damage Control

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Technology is amazing, but it is also very vulnerable. Even if you avoid malware and hackers, there are still equipment failures and other disasters that can destroy your data. That is why looking into business continuity and data recovery in Mesa, AZ is an important consideration for your profit interests. Here are some data storage and security solutions that can offer the protection you need to maintain your operations:

  • Data recovery: If you keep data on an on-site system, you may require data recovery when the worst occurs. Recovery procedures normally start with repairing the hard disk drive, imaging the drive to a new one and then starting the painstaking work of recovering each file and repairing the corrupted ones. This can be a time consuming and stressful process, which is why you are better off outsourcing it. Our consultants can address these problems quickly, since they have the experience to employ the best solutions. You will likely pay us less than you would if you paid your IT staff overtime.
  • Cloud storage: Your best bet with storing data is to keep it off-site in a safe place. Remote online storage locations called cloud drives are the best option available today. They are located away from your office and are accessible online so you and your employees will hardly notice the servers are not geographically near you. Even if your local servers act up and shut down, your data is preserved on the cloud. Also, if a natural disaster at your office damages your equipment, your cloud storage remains unaffected. That is why cloud drives reduce your chances of requiring data recovery.
  • Backup services: A regularly scheduled data backup can be your savior. The frequency of this procedure depends on the sensitivity and importance of your data. Many businesses arrange for a backup once a week, while others will insist on backups every day. Like our other services, it is up to you and your business needs. This is another piece in your arsenal that will keep your data accessible even when your systems are not entirely functional.
  • Data security: Malicious software also compromises data storage. It can slow down systems and cut off access. Ransomware can enter the picture and demand money in exchange for access. There are also programs that skim for private information and disclose it to unauthorized parties. You can preserve your data and prevent intrusion by maintaining security systems.

The main purpose of these services is to allow for business continuity. When data is inaccessible, your day-to-day operations cannot continue. A combination of data preservation and security protects the integrity of your information and prevents system shortcomings from stopping your business in its tracks. That makes these services vital for supporting a thriving company.

If you need assistance with data recovery in Mesa, AZ, contact Apogee Compliance Group Inc. We also offer storage and backup services with customized plans available to every client who calls us. Schedule a consultation with an expert today!

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