Outsourcing Your IT Department Just Makes Sense

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For the average business owner or manager, anything beyond basic computer skills is a major plus. Most jobs don’t require anything beyond data entry, word processing and some familiarity with specialized programs—not to mention the ability to surf the web or send an email. For everything beyond these simple demands, the IT department usually swings into action.

But do you really need an entire IT department for your business? The answer is often “no.” In fact, your decision to staff IT in-house could be costing your business much more money than you realize, with benefits that don’t quite stack up on paper as they might in theory. Most small businesses—and even some bigger businesses—are better served outsourcing their tech needs to an IT company in Mesa, AZ.

Consider the costs

The first thing to look at when it comes to IT services is cost. How much does solving an IT problem really cost your business? If you have an in-house IT staff you might say “nothing,” but that’s not quite true. Consider the annual salary you pay an IT worker on your payroll (including benefits) vs. the number of closed support tickets that person deals with in a year. Chances are, the cost per ticket isn’t small!

Next consider all of the equipment, licenses, programs and other technological necessities you need to keep in-house to run your IT department. How much is this costing your business annually? It might not seem like much, but every piece of tech is another dollar you absorb.

Now, stack all of these costs up against the cost of keeping an IT company on retainer or calling for one-off tech support tickets. Chances are, the cost of outsourcing your IT needs alone is enough to make you consider shutting down your in-house department!

Thorough service

Tech problems are usually issues that need to be resolved with some urgency—they’re bound to impact business if they linger. You might think that someone who operates in-house will have the foresight to predict tech problems before they arise or resolve them rapidly when they break out, but often, this just isn’t the case. It’s actually closer to the opposite.

Someone working within a system each and every day might get to know that system well, but proximity could also result in blinders. Assuming you know what a problem is instead of approaching it diagnostically could result in a poor fix or an exacerbated problem! Someone on the outside, who doesn’t know a system, has to learn it quickly to resolve an issue, but in doing so, they start from the bottom and work their way up. This bottom-up approach to system familiarization helps the outsourced IT company find flaws that might seem to be lurking out of sight to someone not looking for them.

Vendor/customer relationship

Finally, the best thing about outsourcing your tech to an IT company in Mesa, AZ is having the peace of mind that comes with a vendor/customer relationship. When you’re hiring someone to do a specific job, there’s a degree of expectation that comes into play. If that expectation is met, it’s a job well done; if not, you can hash it out with the company you hired for their service. Getting results from within can be hard because the expectation can become blurred. A good job internally might be considered a poor job by a contracted company—you never know because there’s a different level of expectation.

At the end of the day, outsourcing IT is cheaper, more effective and comes with better results. Don’t believe it’s possible? Consult with Apogee Compliance Group Inc. today to see why so many of our customers continue to outsource their IT needs to us with confidence.

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