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Network security is crucial for legal compliance and customer confidence. However, when your overworked IT department is already managing computer quirks and upgrades, this element often gets overlooked. Plus, your employees may not be security experts. That places security among the reasons to consider outsourcing IT services in Mesa, AZ. An outside IT consultant can keep your system safe, while your in-house IT workers can attend to the day-to-day management. Here is why your company will benefit:

  • Expertise: While the professionals in your IT department are often generalists, your IT consultant is an expert. There is more specialization when you work with an IT services firm, because that luxury is more accessible in that setting. We offer a group of experts who can approach your security issues from all angles. This allows us to address loopholes in your infrastructure that could be missed otherwise.
  • Time: Even companies with IT security experts in-house need to bring in consultant assistance. That is due to the fact that in-house professionals are often handling other issues—like that Trojan horse an unknowing employee just released on their work computer. There may not be time to do a full-system analysis or audit IT security to be sure that it fulfills compliance requirements. Hiring an outside consultant who is dedicated to this task alone assures that it is completed.
  • Cost savings: If there is a network breach, you are likely paying overtime to in-house employees to fix it and reverse any impacts. You may also lose productivity if you need to keep other employees home for the day if your systems are not functional. While it may seem counterintuitive to cost savings to hire additional people for this work, the extra effort put into network security reduces the possibility of breaches and the costs associated with them. Also, since a security breach can chase away customers, that is another issue you avoid. Regaining confidence with clients and customers is always a slow process that takes a while to pay off.
  • Objectivity: Employees are naturally self-interested. No one wants to find the weaknesses in their security design, and change is often met with resistance. If you bring in an uninterested third party, your network can be inspected in an objective manner. It also opens up discussion on needed changes and how to create a better outcome. We can accomplish this with a combination of our expertise and outside perspective that challenges people to support new developments.
  • Faster deployment: When you hire us to assess and implement new security features, that will be our sole job. Your IT employees can continue with the day-to-day routines and help desk duties while we focus on security. It can also be a fight to convince employees to work overnight or during other odd hours to assure the launch of a new security system. When you have us take on that burden instead, your employees do not need to be inconvenienced by this disruption. That helps get the job done faster.

Apogee Compliance Group, Inc. provides many IT services in Mesa, AZ, including cyber security. Call us today to arrange for a consultation.

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