How Can an IT Company in Mesa, AZ Act as Your Virtual Chief Information Officer?

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As the world gets smaller due to the advent of the Internet and improvement of technology, coworkers no longer really need to work in the same office together to accomplish tasks. Email, conference calls and instant messaging systems are as effective of communication methods as sitting in the same office as the rest of the employees. This trend is evident in the growing number of folks who work remotely from across the country, or even from abroad. Companies taking that trend to the next level are even hiring virtual chief information officers (CIOs) to oversee their IT department.

What is a virtual CIO?

As touched on above, a virtual CIO is a contracted individual or IT company in Mesa, AZ that is in charge of a company’s IT department. The CIO not only ensures the computer and other technology systems run efficiently, but can also help plan for future growth of the company. The CIO’s duties can be expanded to working with your company’s clients to ensure their success, as well.

What are the advantages of hiring a virtual CIO?

Hiring a virtual CIO instead of having a permanent CIO on staff can be beneficial for several reasons. First, hiring a contractor can save your business money, as you won’t have to provide benefits or office space. If you decide to hire a whole company to work as your CIO, you’ll have the advantage of a huge team of people working to accomplish one goal, instead of one person wearing many hats.

Qualities to look for in a virtual CIO

Just as in any hiring process, there will likely be numerous applicants interested in working as a virtual CIO for your company. Here are a few things to look for in a company that will act as your virtual CIO:

  • Expertise in IT project planning and management: A large part of the CIO’s job is planning and managing a team. Make sure you’re hiring a firm that will be able to effectively manage a team, large or small, to ensure success on any project.
  • Knowledge of how technology trends will impact your clients: At the end of the day, your company exists to serve its clients. You’ll want a CIO that knows how to accommodate clients in fields that they may not be familiar with, like technology.
  • Experience in IT budgeting: Setting and more importantly sticking to a budget is an important part of any business department. Your CIO needs to know how to set a realistic budget for each quarter.
  • The ability to connect IT systems to overall business objectives: This goes hand in hand with IT budgeting. After all, the whole purpose of hiring a CIO is to meet your business objectives and boost your revenue. A virtual CIO, like an IT company in Mesa, AZ, will be definitely be able to improve your business’ bottom line.

If hiring an IT company in Mesa AZ to act as your virtual CIO sounds like something that could benefit your business, look no further than Apogee Compliance Group Inc. We have many years of experience handling CIO work for a wide variety of companies in many different industries. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can offer.

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