Three Things a Cyber Security Company in Mesa, AZ Wants You to Know About Email Encryption

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Nowadays, cyber security should be one of our top concerns. This is especially true for professionals like lawyers, doctors and accountants who handle individuals’ and businesses’ private information on a daily basis. It should come as no surprise that ensuring emails are safe and kept private is one of the most important aspects of cyber security. The best way to keep emails safe is to encrypt the messages so that confidential information is only seen by the intended recipient or recipients. Here are a few of the most common questions people ask our cyber security company in Mesa, AZ about email encryption.

What is email encryption?

Even though you have to enter a password to log in to your personal and work email accounts, emails are actually a very vulnerable medium to send messages once you hit that ‘send’ button. This is especially true if you’re sending emails over public Wi-Fi networks, which you would most likely find at a local coffee shop. Tech-savvy individuals who are out to steal private information can easily hack email accounts and read emails that were meant to be private – unless your emails have been encrypted, or protected from prying eyes.

How does email encryption work?

Email encryption relies on two “keys”: one key that’s used by you, and one used by the recipient(s). This is called a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Your key is called a private key and is only known to you. The recipients have a public key, which is only known to them. In order to open encrypted emails, the recipients have to decrypt the message using their key. A cyber security company in Mesa, AZ can set up email encryption for your company quickly and easily. Experts recommend that all of your emails should be encrypted, not just the ones that contain private information. Hackers who see a single encrypted email are likely to know that the email is important, and will try hard to decrypt the email.

Who can benefit from email encryption?

Whether you’re sending pictures from a family vacation or highly classified information through an email, the message should be encrypted. Our top clients include lawyers, doctors and accountants because they all often communicate with clients and patients via email. Lawyers send important case documents doctors may send private lab results and accountants send financial information—all through email. Hackers who want to expose someone’s legal, financial or health records can easily read those emails if they haven’t been encrypted. Protecting all of the emails you send will help keep clients’ and patients’ private information safe. Cyber security services also recommend that these professionals encrypt all of their archived emails, as well.

Regardless of what you’re sending in emails, make sure you encrypt them! Hire a cyber security company in Mesa, AZ, such as Apogee Compliance Group Inc., to set up a powerful encryption program for your email system. Give us a call today to begin the process of enhancing your email security and protecting your valuable information!

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